Google Instant View

Google just added a very useful option to its line of search results. The all new Google Instant View on the right hand corner (Magnifying glass icon) of the result page, when a user clicks the icon it will display a snap shot of the website, this will enable the user to decide if it is useful to visit the website. However if the website uses flash on the whole page, it is unlikely that the page will be displayed instead a broken snippet appears. At the time of writing this Google had announced that they are working on optimizing flash for its crawlers to retrieve data and show on Instant View.

I’m beginning to make the most of this tool, as I used to forget the URL of a previously visited website. Google Instant View helps me to save the time I spend on opening the wrong website.

From a SEO’s perspective, I’d not be surprised to see an increase of visits to well designed websites. As I mentioned earlier, if your website is flash based, no matter how creative your site is, it will not look good on Google Instant View.

Try it yourself at and click the icon on the right.

Happy SEO

By Farhan Fawzer SEO Sri Lanka online services

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.