Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Certified Adwords Partner Sri Lanka

google adwords qualified Sri Lanka farhan fawzerGoogle Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) is an Internet Marketing method that concentrates on increasing a corporate websites sponsored listings within the search engines. Sponsored listings appear at the top and down the right hand side of the search engines results pages. Sponsored ads are usually distinguished from the natural search engine listings by a pastel colored background.

Now you can rely on a Google certified Adwords partner in Sri Lanka, with over eight years of experience in handling Google Adwords for small, medium sized and large businesses in Sri Lanka & abroad.

PPC Campaigns

Google’s PPC campaign builder is called Adwords Editor – Adwords Editor allows you to build the PPC campaign for your corporate website. Within the editor you can build adverts for each product/service range your site provides; you can manage these adverts, set daily budgets etc. Each time your PPC add is clicked on through the search engines you pay the search engine a set fee, your daily budget can be managed through the Adwords Editor. Although if your products/services are competitive, you may have to increase your PPC budget in order to view your add within the search engines. This is because other websites PPC budgets may be higher than yours.


Although do not worry, help is at hand – We can build and manage your websites PPC campaign. We have the skills and experiences to manage successful PPC Adwords campaigns for our clients including online businesses in Sri Lanka. PPC increases the search engine ranking of a website quickly compared to SEO, although these rankings are only within the sponsored listings of the search engines. Some of our local clients have asked us┬áto build them a PPC campaign, while we initially begin to optimise their wesbite through search engine optimisation. The PPC will instantly begin to drive traffic to the website through the sponsored listings, while the site is becoming optimised through SEO. Once the site starts to gain natural search engine rankings, and site credibility, parts of the PPC campaign can be switched off accordingly, until SEO takes over completely. Alternatively, if the budget is available PPC can be an effective form of Internet Marketing. And chosen as the sole Internet Marketing method for many corporate websites.

We are experienced in building successful Pay per Click campaigns, we closely monitor all our PPC and SEO campaigns using Google Analytics, as well as other monitoring techniques. We strongly believe in keeping on top of all our Internet Marketing services, ensuring the best possible results are achieved every time.

We are proud of our dedicated services, we have experienced PPC campaign builders who can increase your Online exposure and drive traffic to your corporate website. If you would like to learn more about PPC or indeed any of the services available at the SEO Agency, please do not hesitate to complete our contact form to receive a free website analysis.