Social Media

Social media is a fairly new in terms of businesses using it as marketing tool. More and more businesses are looking at using social media sites as a way of communicating with their customers. As with all marketing tools it’s vital that regular communication is had with customers. Social Media allows this to happen with status updates and tweets, both these are good examples of SM interacting with cutomers. Social Media pages also allow new products to launched or even show cased before they are available to buy. More and more business are using Social Media as a way of creating a demand for a product even before it’s launched. This just shows the immense power of how a good, well maintained Social Media Campaign can help a business.

Social Media Optimisation

The Big Two:

When we talk about Social Media we always refer to the “Big Two”, these being Facebook and Twitter. Both of these sites offer a massive platform for showcasing your business. Statistics from Facebook now state that over 500 million people worldwide have active accounts with them. Twitter also count in excess of 75 million active users as well. When you look at these sorts of numbers it makes real sense to have a business presence on Social Media Sites. These “Big Two” currently don’t charge either for creating a page or account for your business. You have to ask yourself, can you really afford not to have a Social Media presence?

Offers & Updates:

The great thing with Social Media is that all updates are done in real time, so no matter where you are in the world you can receive updates from your favorite businesses. These updates can be an excellent of diverting specific traffic to your site. A good example of this could be special offers. You update your status or tweet with the desired context and you’re letting everyone now in a matter of seconds what’s happening with your business.


There are more mobile phones in the Sri Lanka than there are people, and with new technology you can now log in to your social media accounts via your mobile. This is a truly fantastic thing for business owners who have Social Media accounts. A colleague of mine recently said to me “Social Media on your phone is like sending free text messages”. I can’t agree more. As a business you can contact your customers direct onto their mobiles. What a fabulous and exciting piece technology this is? Can you really afford not to have a online Social Media presence?