Is tourism in Sri Lanka booming?

After the end of the 30 odd years long war in Sri Lanka, it was expected to have huge boost in the tourism sector.

Now its been a couple of years after the war and most high security zones are free for the public. Are we having enough of tourists coming down to Sri Lanka or is it that the country has just gotten from bad to worse.

I have seen plenty of websites and promotions going around targeting tourists around the world.

I came across a pretty nice website Sri Lanka Holiday tours which offers customized tour packages to Sri Lanka.

What really impressed me is how well Search Engine Optimized the site is, even though it is a basic HTML website.

The canonical issue is solved with a nice 301 redirect, so even you type in the URL without the www it will redirect. Also at the end /index.html is also similarly done so the links pointing to /index.html is same as without it. This helps to increase your websites PageRank.

Happy SEO

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.