Universal Analytics is here

If you were wondering what is Google Universal Analytics or how to upgrade.

It is a set of technological innovations that improve the way data is collected and processed in Google Analytics.

It is a process you can use to upgrade all of your classic Google Analytics properties into Universal Analytics properties without losing any data or changing your account settings.

If you don’t see the option to upgrade yet on your Google Analytics, then the Universal Analytics upgrade is not available to you yet, as Google are rolling out the upgrade tool to accounts over the next couple of weeks.

When the transfer upgrade is available, you will see it under the admin section of your account.

Universal Analytics Upgrade Option

Why Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics gives you access to improved data processing, new collection methods, and more analysis tools. When you complete the entire upgrade process.

Here’s the 2-step transfer process

Step 1: Transfer Property

  • Transfer your properties to Universal Analytics from the Google Analytics Admin page. You may also customize session and campaign timeout periods.
  • Only users with Edit permissions may initiate the property transfer from the Google Analytics Admin page.
  • The transfer takes minutes to initiate, but you should allow 24 – 48 hours for it to complete.
  • When the transfer is completed, the property is ready to receive data from Universal Analytics tracking code.
  • Move on to Step 2 after the transfer is complete.

Step 2: Update Tracking Code (optional)

  • Replace existing tracking code with new Universal Analytics tracking code.
  • A developer (or person with technical knowledge) should complete this step in your development environment (web pages, SDKs, etc.).
  • The time it takes to update your tracking code will vary depending on your current implementation and your tracking needs.
  • When this step is completed, you will have access to the full benefits of Universal Analytics, including new reports and features.
  • After completing this step, your full upgrade to Universal Analytics is complete.

Once you complete both the steps you should see a green “Transfer Complete” message.

Universal Analytics Upgrade Transfer Complete

Find out more about the Universal Analytics complete guide here.

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