Tips to run an effective Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the cost effective and time saving methods to market your products and services. As much as the ease you experience with it there are some steps you would have to consider before starting off a campaign. These guidelines will help you achieve your target and bring you more business as expected.

One of the most common issues that any Email campaign can face would be the respective Email being marked as spam. Recent studies have proved that people now do not consider spam as unsolicited email but it is simply the email they do not want to read. To avoid this you have to follow a simple step where you give the option for your consumers to subscribe for your marketing emails on your website. Do not forget to mention that their contact details would not be shared with anyone. This will help you build a target audience for your campaign.

You should also use a transparent email ID when sending out emails. Rather than using you can use  where as it will not be marked as spam. Then the subject line you will have to type in something that would interest your clients, like special discounts or newest products. Stop using abbreviations, slang and hyperbole. You may check your spam emails and get an idea on how you could improve the appearance and language of your marketing email.

Images should be used moderately but should not include high resolution images which would take a long time to load and remember to label the images you have added. Sometimes users disable images from being displayed. By labelling your images your client would get to know on what they are missing and they would check on your email. A call-to-action should also be included in your email campaigns which would give the client a chance to get involved. Your marketing email should carry a message that would ask the viewer to reply to the email, visit your website etc.

By personalising your marketing email you can make it look very important and appear to know the customer personally. Many online marketing campaigns ignore this but adding an appropriate greeting and ending the email with a signature can add a lot of value and trustworthiness to your correspondence.  You should also remember to include your contact details in every marketing email, giving your client an option to contact you by various methods.

Include a message that requests your client to add you as a contact in their contact list to keep them updated and not to miss out on upcoming offers. This is another method that you can save your marketing email being marked as spam. Do not include attachments as most of the time your email would not have the expected open rate. Many people do not open email with attachments to safe guard their computers from potential viruses. Remember to include an option to unsubscribe as well.

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.

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