Tips to create an effective Online Newsletter

An online newsletter can be cost effective and designed using colourful elements. They require a minimum production time and are easy to publicise and circulate over the internet. At present Online Newsletters have the strength to attract potential customer, as well as keep your employees and existing customers updated on your company’s growth at the same time. In order to effectively use this tool you would need to follow few guide lines when creating/designing an E-Newsletter.

Design a multi-column layout:  A mono column newsletter can get a bit boring to read, adding multi columns can give you the opportunity to add various information in small boxes to attract the readers. It will also give an attractive look to your online newsletter.

Use graphics appropriately: In order to add colour to your online newsletter you might need to add appropriate images or illustrations. However, if you add too many graphics it would get cluttered and would like a scrap book rather than a newsletter. Using adequate imagery would bring out the attractiveness for your newsletter.

Make sure to check your newsletter in different browsers before circulating it: It is important that you do this before sending it out to your customers as the layout might not be compatible for all web browsers, which will result in some content not appearing properly on some browsers.

Submit links of every newsletter issue to popular search engines for indexing: By submitting links to search engines your potential customers can easily get to know your company and its happenings. At the same time it will boost the ranking of your website in search engines.

Remember to send an e-mail alert to all your subscribers when each issue is available online: It is noted that a major drawback of an online newsletter is that the readers forget to check out the new issues. You can always send a reminding e-mail requesting to check the new issue of your online newsletter.  

Archive your previous issues of newsletters and add a search feature to your web site: This should help your readers find out on any missed information and would also be a good resource for people who are interested in researching about your company. It can also give your business partners a chance to check on your company growth and their contribution towards it.

Analyse statics about your online newsletter using a web analytics tool: This web tool would assist you to monitor on how many people have received and read your online newsletter. It will also give you a statistic on how many people clicked on any of the links placed by you on the newsletter. This can also provide you a god source for your online surveys.

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.