Tips to Improve your SEO Link Building Strategy

Link building is one of the most efficient SEO strategies for both increasing the number of visitors to a website and improving the rankings of a website in organic search results.

Competitor analysis

Once you have identified your main competitors based on the niche you are operating in and on using the same keywords, you can easily find out which are the websites linking to them. Chances are the sites linking to your competitors will also be interested in linking to you, provided you are just as good as competition or even better. Competitor analysis is a very important factor in SEO.

However, some links might come from directories and sponsored links. In this case you can simply submit your own website to those directories or invest part of your budget in sponsored links.

Creating top quality content

Remember “Content is King” The uniqueness and quality of your content is essential in building an effective link building strategy. Most powerful way to get others to link to your website is by creating high quality content.

Social Media Platforms for LinkBuilding

Social media sites are powerful not only for promotion, but also for your link building strategy. They are great for both click-through traffic and helping your search engine rankings.

Search engines have been offering reasonable amount of importance to social media sites and links coming from them. For example, if you set up a Twitter profile and begin “tweeting” the Googlebot is more likely to crawl it sooner. It is therefore, a great way to get your sites indexed in the search engines such as Google, or let the search engines know when you add fresh content to your blog or website.

Blogs & Feed directories for Link Building

A very efficient way to get more links back to your website is to submit your site to all relevant RSS feed and blog directories.

Directory submissions

Submitting your site to related web directories is an easy way of getting links back. The links aren’t usually very good quality, but it’s a good place to start. Ensure the directory is relevant and related to your website.

Article Writing & Submission

Getting backlinks from article sites is one strategy that needs to be included for successful link building. One example of article site that is highly used at the moment is You can submit your own articles with links either inside your article or at the bottom of the article in what’s called an “Author Bio”. Apart from getting a link back from the particular article site you are posting on, you may end up getting many backlinks if your article is picked up by other websites from there. That is because according to the rules of the article sites the website owners can take your article from the article site and publish it on their own site, so long as they retain the Author’s links.

Forums & Community links

Interacting in public forums and communities can be a great way to get links back to your site. Forums and blogs are hosting a large number of visitors, most of them trying to post their link while engaging in conversations or leaving comments. Not all forums are willing to except link, but as long as you are not spamming, most of them will.

However, a large number of forums and blogs have a “nofollow” tag on their links, which effectively blocks the search engine spiders from counting the link as a vote.

Donations to charity

Since charity websites are a good place to get links from and usually have a good PR (PageRank) are generally good to have link from. In exchange for a donation most charity websites will probably be happy to offer you a link from one of their main pages.

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Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.

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