Exciting News From Bing and Yahoo!

At the time of writing this post I have been exhausted after a holiday down south over the long weekend. I was away from the www or rather 1’s and 0’s game.

Coming to the topic, have you noticed a similarity in SERPs (Search engine result pages) of yahoo & bing lately, both search engines rank your website almost exactly. If you haven’t noticed yet, Bing & Yahoo are joining force and presently testing Bing results in Yahoo!

Both parties are very happy with the progress. The similar results first gave me quite a shock as I was comparing the data gathered by using SheerSEO. I personally think, this is a great move, joining forces by both well established search engines. However, on the other hand Google has made its name in the game so strong, so it is not easy for Bing or Yahoo to battle it out individually. This kind of a merger was very much needed and will definitely have the strength to compete with the giant Google.

Hoping to see the response from Google and the repercussions of the never ending SEO battle.

You may also find more info at the official link at http://goo.gl/a9iY

Happy SEO