Sri Lankan Holiday Destinations

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful island situated in the Indian ocean and south of India. It is known for the beautiful beaches and friendly people. So being a Sri Lankan myself I thought of adding a bit of information about some of our most beautiful Holiday Destinations. Also you can always find this from the source at


A famous fishing village North of Colombo, with a Dutch built canal. The canal itself is a hive of activity with fishermen traveling up and down in their gaily painted boats. On the shore of the canal you will find many homes and churches and many species of birds, including spectacular Kingfishers.


Situated at an elevation of 488 meters, Kandy is rich in tradition and is the spiritual home of Sri Lanka. Perhaps best known for it’s Dalada Maligawa, the temple that houses the tooth relic of Buddha, Kandy is also a popular stop during July / August. During this time the city takes on a carnival atmosphere for the annual perahera, when the tooth relic is paraded around the city in a procession that includes, among others, approximately more than 100 elephants, traditional dancers and drummers.


One of the most interesting cities in Sri Lanka. It use to be our major national port until the late 19th century. Galle is famous for its well preserved 17th century Dutch built Fort, The journey to Galle is along the palm fringed southern coastal belt passing Hikkaduwa with it’s incredibly beautiful Coral Gardens and exotic tropical fish as well as Ambalangoda, famous for it’s Mask makers and another interesting place to visit is the Turtle Hatchery.

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