SEO Process for New Projects

If you are about to start a new SEO project make sure you look into the below key areas.

Facts from Client – Ask client to describe if a user were to find their products/ services online through search engine what are the words or phrases would be used.

Research – With the facts from clients we will do a thorough research about keywords, competitors etc.

Keywords – Gather the list of keywords from research and finalise the best keywords for the given niche.

Structure & Design – Based on the keywords the site structure & design will be planned.

Content – Content will be written based on the finalised keywords.

Development – Website will be developed based on the structure and design.

Onsite SEO – The site will be checked for onsite factors and signed off for QA.

Offsite SEO – Site will be submitted to directories, search engines & social media sites.

Monitoring Progress – We will continue to monitor the websites performance on Search Engines.

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.


  1. Asanka

    Researching keywords is one of the fundamental tasks of any SEO efforts. Basically there are a couple of keyword research tools that everyone is using.

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