Panda Vs Penguin update

As per Wikipedia, Google estimates, Penguin affects approximately 3.1% of search queries in English, about 3% of queries in languages like German, Chinese, and Arabic, and an even bigger percentage of them in “highly-spammed” languages. On May 25th, 2012, Google unveiled the latest Penguin update, called Penguin 1.1, this Penguin update, according to Matt Cutts, is supposed to impact less than one-tenth of a percent of English searches.

It is interesting to see the search volume that came from different regions, cities & languages.  Surprisingly Ghana is by far most searched “Panda Update” and Sri Lanka is at number 2. Which could also mean these countries were most involved in Search Engine Optimization or at least about Google keyword rankings.

Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.