Google Site links

Ever wondered how Sitelinks work on Google.

First let me say that it’s not certain how Google assigns the number of links to each website. The text that is used for the Sitelinks can be the text that are used for the link (or anchor text) on the homepage or the title of the linked page.

  • Google seems to prefer links near the top of a web page.
  • Sitelinks usually only appear for more general search phrases.
  • Sitelinks do show up most often on brand related searches.

Which links does Google choose for the Sitelinks?

Google Sitelinks Example

You’ll notice that they always seem to be first level links on any website. In other words, any links not included on your homepage won’t be used as Sitelink criteria.

  • Unpopular Keywords that are not searched too often don’t get Sitelinks.
  • Older Web sites seem to be awarded Sitelinks more than newer sites.
  • It also seems that your website has to get a certain volume of clicks for the searched keyword.

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Farhan Fawzer is a Sri Lankan SEO Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.