Sudden weather change in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The start of this year has been very different to the ones before in many ways. One of the differences is that the warm days of Colombo have been suddenly stolen by the cold weather. How many of you are enjoying the Nuwara-eliya like climate in Colombo? I really love the present weather, so enjoy while it lasts.

I’m tired of the wrong predictions from the Met Department, so I  get my temperature update from Google. Don’t need to wait for the hourly news update on the Television or Radio. Want know how to get the current temperature and forecast of world cities including Colombo instantly, just go to Google and type in “weather (name of city)” and enter. Eg. weather colombo, the present temperature and forecast of Colombo is displayed in a flash.

The temperature in Colombo dropped to 18.8 Degrees C (65 Fahrenheit) on the 13th of January 2011. It is the lowest in 61 years, the last time it happened way back in 1950.

Meanwhile, on the same day the temperature in Nuwara Eliya (typical little England) dropped to 7.9 Celsius and the eastern part of the island, Batticaloa, recorded 16.9 Celsius.

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    Now the weather in Sri lanka is really really hot. Everytime i go out i have this headache all the time. If it rains or even in the sunny days its really hard.

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