Some tips to follow if you are new to online marketing

If you have been managing Offline Marketing and are trying to implement Online Marketing it would be a big challenge. You will have to get your offline marketing team to learn about Online Marketing techniques and PR challenges in the Online Marketing area. They would also have to adjust themselves to project manage and create a new set of campaigns and commercial features. However if you follow the listed tips it will help you to overcome this situation.

It is commonly believed that if you invest a small budget in online marketing you could get results in immediate success. This is a very unrealistic expectation. By setting more realistic goals and deadline you can manage the expectations. If you are heading the Online Marketing team then you will have to make sure that your team is informed about these goals and deadlines. If not the success that you gain in a later stage can be misread as an average result.

It would be a challenge to secure a decent budget, if you are spending on resources which do not understand the online marketing concepts. If you think that you do not hold enough funds to finish the project then there is no pint starting it. Generally online marketing strategies such as organic Search Engine Optimisation takes time to bring in expected results. Therefore when setting up goals and deadlines ensure that the cost has been estimated in advance of starting the project. Otherwise you will lose control of the project if you implement the project with an unspecified budget.

Implementing an Online Marketing campaign and improving ongoing campaigns will have a very different set of challenges. These phases should be treated separately and can be accomplished by setting deadlines to each method separately be it Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimisation or a regular E-mail marketing campaign. This will help you to keep focus on your initial goals and control a smooth operation of the early stages of you Online Marketing campaigns. If not you would tend to blame the failures on the novelty of the work and would lower your expectations.

It is important that you understand the risks involved should any of the campaigns be affected. Having a risk management strategy can help you recover from this. Have a guideline set so that anyone would know how to respond to negative customer comments. You might also fend for assistance of a professional and it is important that you find the right Online Marketing agency to assist you. They will be able to provide you the best strategies to drive your online campaigns.

Being honest with the results of your online campaigns and communicating it to every department within your organization is important. This will help them to understand how they should improve their contribution towards the success of online marketing. In return it will help you to successfully carry out your online marketing campaigns. You may convey these results through a monthly newsletter or a presentation and could allow your colleagues to share their thoughts on how to improve the marketing strategies.

Farhan Fawzer is an SEO Consultant offering Search Engine Optimisation services and Online Marketing consultation.

Tips to build a mobile website

With the growing numbers in mobile phone and smart phone users, it is a must that you have a mobile website so that your customers could easily reach you. Not anymore is it a trend but it is becoming a necessity to have a mobile website apart from you main website. Nowadays most of the companies have realized the importance of having a mobile site and are seeking web developers to create sites for them.  As a web designing and developing company it will be very useful for you to know on what involves on building a mobile website. The following tips will give you a basic knowledge on what features that you need to include on a mobile website.

Considering the amount of space is important that you include the most important information on top of the page. This will make it easier to convey the message to the mobile user. Most importantly include your company logo in a customized size. Navigation should be focused on up and down and left to right navigation should be minimal. The best way to avoid left to right navigation is by adding your content in a single column layout. It is advisable not to use tables. But if you have to use them make sure it is no more than two columns and avoid merging rows and columns.

The content that you include on the website should be easy to read and navigate. Select brief descriptions if you need to include any. Make sure you select the proper font size so that the user does not need to zoom the page to read the content. When building a mobile website you will not require special coding so you can use XML or XHTML to code the site. Basic coding such as HTML and CSS can be used as well. Make sure you carefully select target keyword to optimise as you cannot input much content. Make sure to include the keywords on title tags, description meta tags, heading tags and file names.

When using images and graphics make sure that you use as little of them as possible. If not the mobile site would take ages to load. You can include .jpeg .gif or .png formats when adding images as they are light in weight.  Make sure to compress the images so that it would not zoom out. When selecting a style for a mobile website make sure the maximum page size to be 20Kb and if possible try to make it less than 10Kb, so that the user is not charged too much when browsing the mobile site. Any website needs links to be placed, but for mobile websites it would be hard since there is no back button. Therefore make sure all pages are linked to other pages. You can also place a link that would generate a call. So that the user can get in touch with you and get further details about the products and services.

Tips to create an effective Online Newsletter

An online newsletter can be cost effective and designed using colourful elements. They require a minimum production time and are easy to publicise and circulate over the internet. At present Online Newsletters have the strength to attract potential customer, as well as keep your employees and existing customers updated on your company’s growth at the same time. In order to effectively use this tool you would need to follow few guide lines when creating/designing an E-Newsletter.

Design a multi-column layout:  A mono column newsletter can get a bit boring to read, adding multi columns can give you the opportunity to add various information in small boxes to attract the readers. It will also give an attractive look to your online newsletter.

Use graphics appropriately: In order to add colour to your online newsletter you might need to add appropriate images or illustrations. However, if you add too many graphics it would get cluttered and would like a scrap book rather than a newsletter. Using adequate imagery would bring out the attractiveness for your newsletter.

Make sure to check your newsletter in different browsers before circulating it: It is important that you do this before sending it out to your customers as the layout might not be compatible for all web browsers, which will result in some content not appearing properly on some browsers.

Submit links of every newsletter issue to popular search engines for indexing: By submitting links to search engines your potential customers can easily get to know your company and its happenings. At the same time it will boost the ranking of your website in search engines.

Remember to send an e-mail alert to all your subscribers when each issue is available online: It is noted that a major drawback of an online newsletter is that the readers forget to check out the new issues. You can always send a reminding e-mail requesting to check the new issue of your online newsletter.  

Archive your previous issues of newsletters and add a search feature to your web site: This should help your readers find out on any missed information and would also be a good resource for people who are interested in researching about your company. It can also give your business partners a chance to check on your company growth and their contribution towards it.

Analyse statics about your online newsletter using a web analytics tool: This web tool would assist you to monitor on how many people have received and read your online newsletter. It will also give you a statistic on how many people clicked on any of the links placed by you on the newsletter. This can also provide you a god source for your online surveys.

Tips to get total value from a Web Design Agency

Your Web Designer would have designed a website that have impressed you and will also carry the same impression to your visitors. Therefore it is important to have a website with an eye catching appearance. To achieve this you will have to be cautious when selecting a Web Design agency. You will also have to consider numerous aspects on web designing. If you are looking to get value for the money spent on your web design, these tips would assist you in selecting the right Web Design Agency.

The selected web design agency should be equipped with the necessary web development skills to create and up keep your website. One of the most important facets of the web design agency would be Search Engine Optimisation skills. Many web design agencies have the ability to create impressive website, but they do not implement Search Engine Optimisations to bring your website to top ranks on search engines. Web Design Agency uses on-page Search Engine Optimisation processes when creating your website. Other important elements of your website would be the site map, using keywords at appropriate intervals and a web page that would load faster. This will assist your web page to gain top ranking on search engines. The selected web design agency would also assist you in signing up for small directories to start your search engine marketing advertising procedures. At the same time they will offer your advice on how to market your website using SEO after the contract period ends.

It will advantageous if the selected web design agency has many clients and have experience in creating and developing websites for a long period of time. You have the ability to take a look at these sites that were created for the previous clients. If the web design agency has designed a website for a client in your industry they will be more experienced in creating a website for you. You can also check whether they are willing to exchange banners or other advertising offers between your site and the client’s site.

You may check whether the web design agency has readymade templates for you to choose from. These readymade templates will be of great assistance for you to choose the ideal layout for your website. Once you have chosen a template the Web Design Agency would customise the template to suit your specifications and design requirements.

Apart from web design and development check whether the agency offers content improvement facilities and other website administration packages. This will make your life easy and you will be able to get a complete web design and development package from the Web Design agency. After all you will only have to deal with one agency when you need any amendments to your website.

Your website should be also designed in a way that a person with less technical knowledge is also able to update the site. So you will be able to update company news and the blog without the help of the web design agency.

Tips to run an effective Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the cost effective and time saving methods to market your products and services. As much as the ease you experience with it there are some steps you would have to consider before starting off a campaign. These guidelines will help you achieve your target and bring you more business as expected.

One of the most common issues that any Email campaign can face would be the respective Email being marked as spam. Recent studies have proved that people now do not consider spam as unsolicited email but it is simply the email they do not want to read. To avoid this you have to follow a simple step where you give the option for your consumers to subscribe for your marketing emails on your website. Do not forget to mention that their contact details would not be shared with anyone. This will help you build a target audience for your campaign.

You should also use a transparent email ID when sending out emails. Rather than using you can use  where as it will not be marked as spam. Then the subject line you will have to type in something that would interest your clients, like special discounts or newest products. Stop using abbreviations, slang and hyperbole. You may check your spam emails and get an idea on how you could improve the appearance and language of your marketing email.

Images should be used moderately but should not include high resolution images which would take a long time to load and remember to label the images you have added. Sometimes users disable images from being displayed. By labelling your images your client would get to know on what they are missing and they would check on your email. A call-to-action should also be included in your email campaigns which would give the client a chance to get involved. Your marketing email should carry a message that would ask the viewer to reply to the email, visit your website etc.

By personalising your marketing email you can make it look very important and appear to know the customer personally. Many online marketing campaigns ignore this but adding an appropriate greeting and ending the email with a signature can add a lot of value and trustworthiness to your correspondence.  You should also remember to include your contact details in every marketing email, giving your client an option to contact you by various methods.

Include a message that requests your client to add you as a contact in their contact list to keep them updated and not to miss out on upcoming offers. This is another method that you can save your marketing email being marked as spam. Do not include attachments as most of the time your email would not have the expected open rate. Many people do not open email with attachments to safe guard their computers from potential viruses. Remember to include an option to unsubscribe as well.