Picking a SEO friendly Domain Name

They say all the good domain names have been taken and for the most part that is true. I see a lot of new webmasters searching for days to find a good domain name to register, what they don’t realize is that there may be a much faster and better way to get a good domain. The first thing you should do is make a list of the main keywords your domain should have. It will make ranking high for niche much easier in the long run.

SEO friendly Domain ExampleThere are millions of domains available in domain markets and the benefits of an aged domain are countless. I wanted a domain name that had some SEO value and I didn’t want to spend much money on it. The first place I looked was GoDaddy and found it with a Buy it Now of only $.99. So I got what I wanted without spending much money. You won’t always get the domain name you want that cheaply but there are some good ones out there for a good price. The most I’ve spend for a domain was a few dollars.

It was no secret that Google was taking the age of a domain into account in it’s algorithm. It’s also no secret that newly registered sites usually end up in the Google sandbox for a year or more. So definitely try and find an aged domain that has a clean history. It’s important to make sure the domain you’re going to purchase is clean and did not have a bad reputation before.

Another thing to consider is the .tld of the domain. Any webmaster would pay a fortune for a .gov or .edu domain but sadly those are not available. Your first choice should be a .com and if that’s not available try and find a .org or .net. You should avoid anything else. I have a few .info domains that just don’t seem to do well no matter what.

Step 1 for your new website is to do a search for a good domain name in the domain market.

If you would like assistance or suggestions in picking a SEO Friendly domain name, please contact me.

Infotel 2015 Sri Lanka’s Premier ICT Exhibition

Infotel 2015

It’s time you get your devices and systems up and running as INFOTEL 2015  unfolds this November.

Infotel IT exhibition Sri Lanka

Organized by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), South Asia’s Premier and Sri Lanka’s largest ICT exposition “INFOTEL” will be hosting its 14th edition from 20th – 22nd November 2015 at BMICH, Colombo.

INFOTEL 2015 will be targeting  to connect citizens not just through education and information, but also by providing to its end consumers a whole new world of intelligent devices and systems.

You can join the #INFOTEL2015 conversation on Twitter here.

Special Google Birthday Doodle

Google’s birthday doodle is one of the best features which gives you that feeling of being special on your birthday when Google displays a little birthday wish on Google search.

Now if your birthday is coming up here’s how you can have that personalized doodle on your birthday.

Google Doodle Birthday

Google get’s SEO Quote

In recent times we have seen regular algorithm updates by Google, in order to serve the users with the best possible results for their search query. The continuous and unconfirmed updates have made webmasters and SEO’s jobs very hard.

However, it is not likely that Google is going to make it any easier to rank higher on their search engine, meanwhile Google’s Matt Cutts and the web spam team are taking spammers very seriously.

We all know and most of us do get emails (especially SEO quotes) from various individuals and SEO companies promising higher rankings on Google, even Matt Cutts of Google received such an email, which states:

I was on your website www.google.com and wanted to shoot you a quick note. I think I can make a few changes (aesthetically and/or SEO – wise) to make your site convert more visitors into leads and to get it placed higher in the organic search results, for a few of the select terms.

This is NOT like one of those foreign emails you probably get in your inbox every day. Just to be upfront I have 3 agents that work with me for development /SEO.

I would just need to know which (if not both) services you’re open to checking out information about, either web design or SEO. Would you be open to seeing more brief info / quote for what I would like to accomplish?


And another email:

I would like to extend our knowledge to your audience in the form of a uest post [sic]. This post will be written by a college educated writer fluent in English.

To recap we will provide 100% original guest post with statical [sic] data and studies from professional writers.

Matt’s rule of thumb: if someone sends you an email with an SEO offer out of the blue, be skeptical.

Essential SEO tips to succeed online

Nowadays, many web surfers use search engines to find about websites that cater to their need. They also have a tendency to have a search engine as their home page for easy access. This is one of the many reasons as to why you need to have search engine optimisation for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO will not be a strange term if you are engaged in online marketing. It helps your website to gain a better ranking on the search engines. In SEO there are two types; internal SEO and External SEO. Whilst building your website your developer and web designer would focus on internal SEO. However if your site is not hitting the external SEO then you would not be having a successful online business.

In order for you to reach external SEO there are five essential tips that you would need to use; backlinks, avoiding link spamming, linking profiles, .gov links and forums. The next few paragraphs would explain you how these tips can boost your external SEO.

Back links

Back links are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inward links. You may have good backlinks and at times bad backlinks. Search Engines prefer to have good backlinks as it helps your website to get a good ranking in the search engines.

Avoid link spamming

Though link spamming gives a boost to your website initially it can put your site in to the Google Sandbox, which will not push your site on top of the search engines. Therefore when you backlink you should avoid automatic backlink generators to you website.

Linking profiles

Adding the links for your main homepage on social networking profiles (Googleplus), pages (Facebook) and various blogs could optimise results in search engines. This too should be done sensibly to avoid spamming.

.gov links

.gov and .edu are links that google would give the highest preference when ranking your website. Therefore if you can get your website linked with one of these sites your ranking would be doubled. As the value of a .gov or .edu link equals to 10 or even 20 normal links from blogs and forums.


Being a part of a forum can provide you the opportunity to post quality content and add links to your target website. However you should be mindful not to spam the forum as they are strict with the information that is shared on their forums. Should your content grab the attention of the readers, it would also bring in clients through the links that you have posted, and will boost the ranking of your website.

SEO is essential for you to gain top online visibility, popularity and page rank and the tips given above would definitely assist you in achieving it. You might also need to put up SEO contents created on specific keywords, phrasings to reach the top rankings and should be done prior to creating your web page. If your website is still not on the first pages of the search engine results, it is high time you start off with your SEO activities.

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