Disavow Link Tool Is It Worth The Wait

Recently SEO’s & website owners were¬†devastated¬†by the major updates by Google, targeting low quality links, poor content and excessive ads which threw some of the site rankings out of the window.

Then Google comes up with Disavow links tool to help remove bad links, used to notify Google about links to your site that you have tried removing by writing to webmasters but failed.

Now, your site has been hit by Penguin and you’ve lost your top traffic generating keywords ranking on Google. we’ve seen lots of SEO’s triying different things to recover, changing the site structure, redesign, onsite tweaks.

Then, Google comes up with Disavow Link tool, most people started to submit their bad backlinks and are waiting with the hope that they will gain all their golden keywords back.

Lets assume a site that have about 1000 spammy links.

  • Use ahrfs or open site explore to get all the links to your site
  • Contact the webmaster’s or site owners of the linking site
  • After giving a considerable amount of time re check if the links have been removed
  • Go to Disavow Links Tool and submit your request ( As per Google it will take several weeks for the proccess)
  • Submit reconsideration request (There is no guarentee that the site will be reconsidered)

Is the time & resources taken to go through all these process worth or would you just get a new domain and start building using safe SEO methods.