Google Trusted German photographer Felix Steck in Sri Lanka

We are extremely delighted to welcome expert German photographer Felix Steck in Sri Lanka.

Felix Steck is to start covering hotels and resorts with his expertise and experience in photography.

While it is still a new trend with Google street view, the see inside feature of Google is very much likely to catch up soon in Sri Lanka.

There are few novice companies in Sri Lanka, who claim to be authorized partners of Google in Sri Lanka and have gone to the extent of even publishing on digital and print media. For the best of my knowledge, currently only few Google Trusted photographers are from Sri Lanka as per Google’s listing for Trusted Photographers. They are the pioneers in Google Street view and have been involved in Google related businesses such as Google local business since 2012. Many hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka are taking the advantage of Google see inside.

I hope Felix Steck and professionals of Sri Lanka if worked together could be a great strength and add more value to the local businesses in Sri Lanka.

Sancharaka Udawa 2016 (Sri Lanka’s Only Tourism Fair)

Sancharaka Udawa 2016 logo

It is yet another edition of the Sancharaka Udawa 2016 (Sri Lanka’s Only Tourism Fair) on May 27 to 29 2016 at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre (BMICH) from 10am to 8pm each day.

It’s an ideal event to witness some of the best of Travel and Tourism showcased by leading tour operators and hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka.

The exhibition will be held in collaboration with the 50 years celebration of Sri Lanka Tourism. There will be many stalls related Travel and Tourism in Sri Lanka.

Infotel 2015 Sri Lanka’s Premier ICT Exhibition

Infotel 2015

It’s time you get your devices and systems up and running as INFOTEL 2015  unfolds this November.

Infotel IT exhibition Sri Lanka

Organized by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), South Asia’s Premier and Sri Lanka’s largest ICT exposition “INFOTEL” will be hosting its 14th edition from 20th – 22nd November 2015 at BMICH, Colombo.

INFOTEL 2015 will be targeting  to connect citizens not just through education and information, but also by providing to its end consumers a whole new world of intelligent devices and systems.

You can join the #INFOTEL2015 conversation on Twitter here.

Sudden weather change in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The start of this year has been very different to the ones before in many ways. One of the differences is that the warm days of Colombo have been suddenly stolen by the cold weather. How many of you are enjoying the Nuwara-eliya like climate in Colombo? I really love the present weather, so enjoy while it lasts.

I’m tired of the wrong predictions from the Met Department, so I  get my temperature update from Google. Don’t need to wait for the hourly news update on the Television or Radio. Want know how to get the current temperature and forecast of world cities including Colombo instantly, just go to Google and type in “weather (name of city)” and enter. Eg. weather colombo, the present temperature and forecast of Colombo is displayed in a flash.

The temperature in Colombo dropped to 18.8 Degrees C (65 Fahrenheit) on the 13th of January 2011. It is the lowest in 61 years, the last time it happened way back in 1950.

Meanwhile, on the same day the temperature in Nuwara Eliya (typical little England) dropped to 7.9 Celsius and the eastern part of the island, Batticaloa, recorded 16.9 Celsius.

By Farhan Fawzer SEO Sri Lanka online services