A more personal and local search from Bing

Bing has improved and adds personalised and local search results in their search engine. Their blog recently reported about these new developments. These developments in the search engine are focusing in making your search more personal and at the same time keep it area specific.

For example if you look up the word “pizza” and you live in Seattle the results would display Pizza parlours in that area. This is recognised as a local search. How this works is that the search engine recognises your IP location and provides results relevant to your area. At present the local search works only for cities in the USA.

The search engine results are also based on logical assumptions. If you want to inquire about the road conditions and key in ‘traffic’ at 6pm on Friday the results should display the traffic situation and not about the movie or band.

Making the results more personal, Bing will analyse your previous search types depending on whether you are exploring? Looking for a particular site? Trying to find something you had seen before and then would list those results on top of the search results.

At least 76% of people are reported to have used search engines when planning trips, events or social gatherings. Bing’s new improvements are set to assist in indexing search results depending on your location and according to your personal preference. They are currently testing a series of experiments to check as to which techniques could deliver the best results based on a person’s search preferences.

Bing says “The beauty of thinking differently about personalized searching is that it enables us to construct elegant solutions that require a minimal amount of personal information and, frankly, often exhibit better results than a more computationally complex predictive model alone.”